Affordable Ecommerce Website

Your affordable ecommerce website includes all the features that you'll probably ever need.

We will create two home page banners about your store similar to the ones we use at the top of the home page of ecommerce123. We will add your logo, contact info, a shipping method such as USPS, FedEx or UPS or fixed price shipping. We will also integrate the merchant account or PayPal account.

Your new ecommerce website will have a layout like our ecommerce123 website. You'll be able to have categories such as "Electronics" which could have subcategories such as "Cameras", "Smart Phones" and so on. Add all the products you like, there's no extra charge!

Later if you decide to switch to one of our layout upgrades then you'll only pay the cost of that Layout Upgrade. In other words if you decide not to buy for example a $399.99 Layout Upgrade and just go with the free default one we include with the setup of your online store that's fine. Six months from now if you decide you want the $399.99 Layout Upgrade after you've already added 500 products, it's no problem at all; we can switch to the Layout Upgrade of your choice at anytime.

The only thing you'll have to do is to add your products, prices and descriptions and that's as easy as 123! Of course if you don't want to add the products we'll do it for an econimical additional fee.

Your new ecommerce website must be hosted with us. The good news is that since it is hosted with us if your site gets hacked or has any technical hosting issue that's our problem not yours and we'll fix it at our expense!

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Free Default Layout

This is the Default Layout that we have used on the ecommerce123 website. You can also use this layout for no additional charge.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is required to be with us for your new ecommerce store.