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How a Wish List Will Boost Your E-Commerce Website

Does every e-commerce site need a Wish List? An area where they can save items they want to buy, but maybe can’t/shouldn’t right now?

 how a wish list will boost your e-commerce website

While having a Wish List is not a requirement of an e-commerce website, there are several important reasons to have one.


The first is understanding need. Understanding the needs of your customers is crucial to having your business succeed. A Wish List lets you know what is on your customers’ minds. While past purchases can illustrate one’s preferences, a Wish List shows you what a customer likes, but maybe feels they can’t/shouldn’t have right at that moment. Knowing these “wishes” will help you curtail future promotions, products, and advertisements, and clue you into what may generate the most business.


Providing a Wish List also allows shoppers a way to share their purchase desires with family and friends. Making these lists shareable generates more business because friends and family are able to choose the right gift for everyone. Having these links available to share through multiple channels (such as email or social media) is also crucial to reaching a wider audience and appealing to all users.


A Wish List can be used for a variety of special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, engagement parties, etc. Gift givers are able to use the Wish List to learn what gifts are actually desired/needed. They can also see what items have already been purchased, which is beneficial not only for the gift giver, but the recipient as well. Purchasing via a Wish List allows for easy returns and exchanges as the transaction record is kept online.


Wish Lists are great marketing tools because they generate greater interest in the sites that use them. For example, if you have a friend who mentions their online Wish List with a specific business, you are likely to visit that site to view that list and see about creating your own. When users see how easy and convenient creating and buying from a Wish List is, they are likely to have their own list in the future, thus creating a loyal customer base.


Lastly, a Wish List encourages customers to keeping returning. A Wish List creates so much convenience for users that they won’t want to shop anywhere else. A site that lets you save desired items and send a condensed list of those items to others is vastly preferable to a website that does not allow for a Wish List. Wish Lists allow users to shop and buy with ease, and give and receive gifts hassle free. What could be better?


When considering whether or not to add a Wish List to your e-commerce site, there’s really only one right answer: yes. When looking at successful e-commerce sites such as Target, Amazon, Walmart, and other large shopping websites, what’s something they each have in common? Wish Lists. Give your business the boost is deserves and add a Wish List to your e-commerce site today!